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VERY good artwork i cant even do the part to where you can barally see boom and blue gKirby and eKirby look great i cant draw their new...

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first i want to say that this is better art work than what i can do i can only draw anime but i cant draw EVERY anime only the ones i k...




(I decided to type it up instead of make the rest of it into a comic. It is a full comic but it will not be posted completely to dA due to not having enough time to make it. This was done during school hours as well.Also, this story becomes very dramatic so please, if you do not like dramatic love stories then please do not real. Please enjoy I worked very hard on this story.)

"It's been forever since I've seen him..." Said the pokemon "I wonder where he could be!!" The Eevee put her paw down forcefully "I'm coming after you!!" she yelled as she ran for miles with her white paws until she reached the beach, she was behind a bush and watched her enemy and love closely. Jonah, the green Eevee with dark green eyes and inner ears and aquamarine handkerchief was holding his love's shiny paws. Vanilla Creame, was a shiny Eevee what had light yellow on her chest fluff and tip of her tail. She was wearing a pink ribbon with a bow around her neck with her colorblind, baby blue eyes, she was looking back into his eyes. "I love you" said Jonah as he leaned in for a kiss with they're cheeks both turning rosey. The other Eevee freaked out as she witnessed what she saw. "She's dead!" She yelled. Jonah's ear twitched as he looked around. "Jonah? What's wrong?" Vanilla Creame had asked. Jonah just stared to the sky behind him. She called his name "Jonah? Jonah!" that time he turned around "that voice...Could it be?" he looked back around "Lily?". Vanilla Creame stood there baffled until they heard a russle in the bushes. They both turned in that direction as Jonah pulled out his beloved diamond sword as he yelled "who's there?!" he got closer "show yourself!!" Just then, a silhouette of an Eevee jumped out of the bush. "Lily!" Jonah yelled again "it is you!!" Lily was a firey orange and white Eevee with a pink and light yellow lily by her left ear. With Amber-brown eyes, she looked Jonah dead in the eye. She began to walk around Jonah "Oh drop your dumb blade Jonah, I'm not into your games" said Lily. Jonah, sword in his grinding teeth, was furious at Lily. She swirled around him, the tip of tail touching his cheek "why don't you stay with me?" Vanilla stood up and said "You stop right the-" Lily punched, kicked, and whacked Vanilla. Jonah only got angrier "I'm not afraid to slash you..." She got closer to his face "try me! Hit a girl!" Jonah then lost it, "I'm not afraid!!!" Then before they knew it, Lily had a big cut on her whole right torso. Tears came to her eyes "Why you little..." Jonah grabbed Vanilla and ran quickly towards the hospital.

                "Vanilla?! Vanilla?!" Jonah called out numerous times "Vanilla?!" he called out once more. "She cannot hear you" a voice called out. Jonah swung his head around to see a Vaporeon in a white doctor's suit. "She is in a deep coma, and if she does not wake up soon, It could be fatal". Jonah's eyes, nearly flooding with tears, wailed out "please try to save her!"."We will try everything we can. Please, go home and come back in a few hours". Jonah sighed heavily "Okay..." he gave Vanilla one last look and then he left.

               Later that evening, there was a creek in the door and a streak of light crept along the tiled floor. A white set of paws stepped in. He sat by Vanilla's side "Hi Vanilla..." he said aloud. Although Vanilla could not speak, she was stuck in a room of pitch darkness with no exit. She responded "Jonah?" but he could not hear her, not even if she yelled. "They say you can't hear me...But I know deep down inside you can..." said Jonah. "But I can! I can hear you!!" she began to cry invisible tears "that is if you can hear me!" Jonah turned his head to her life suport machine. Her heart rate was going up. Tears flowed back to his forest green eyes, they had become misty "your gonna be fine..." He smiled and he rested next to her and fell asleep.

               The following morning, the sun baked through the curtains of her hospital room waking Jonah "hm?..." He opened one eye "morning already?..." He said very sleepy. He heard the doorknob rumble, quicker than a bullet he pulled out his diamond sword. He was still frantic from was he saw happen to Vanilla Creame. The door door opened, revealing a Leafeon with a nurse's hat on her head and a medicine cart. "N-nurse Leafeon" Jonah said. Nurse Leafeon was the pokemon who took Jonah out of his incubator when he hatched. She stared back at him "Jonah?" Jonah ran over to nurse Leafeon "please try to saver her!" She looked down at him and held his paws. "Now Jonah we can only try and hope for the best" Little did they know, Vanilla was listening "but I am alive!" she said. Jonah turned towards Vanilla, not hearing her but to look to the ground :what if something goes wrong? Then what?" he said followed by a long, deep sigh. He looked towards the cart and asked "what's this?". "These are Vanilla Creame's medications to help her stay strong" replied nurse Leafeon. He stared at a needle and shivered "don't worry" said nu rse Leafeon "she won't feel a thing!"."Okay then" said Jonah with a reliefing sigh.

               Jonah was walking around the halls, looking around restlessly "I wonder if this hospital has a gift shop" he continued to walk around until he finally found the gift shop. He ran inside to look for a gift. He had seen her ribbon rip so he wanted to get her something nice. Suddenly in the corner of his eye, the last thing on that shelf, was a pink spool of thread "Ah-ha!!" he said as he grabbed it into his hand "I can stitch back her ribbon! This is great!!! I just need to know how to sew" he said happily. He ran happily down the hall, he came in, forgetting she wasn't awoken. "Hey i'm back! Look wha-" here's where he decided to see her. He became depressed "oh...Right..." Vanilla was listening "Jonah..." He turned his head to her life support machine to see her rate at 53%, the highest it's been since she became unconscious. Jonah began to yell "come on Vanilla! Wake up please!" Vanilla responded back "I'm trying!" With invisible tears streaking, her rate dropped to 38% "DON'T!!" Screamed Jonah. Just then, the doorknob forcefully opened, revealing the Vaporeon doctor and a Jolteon security guard. "What's going on here sir?!" yelled to doctor. He began to flap his hand back and forth by the machine "her heart rate went down low!" within 20 seconds, the guards had him thrown out the hospital dooes, resulting in landing flat on the ground "no! Wait!" he said twisting around but only to find himself slammed against the see-through doors.

               The Umbreon and Jolteon guards came back "he's gone sir" the Umbreon replied "thank you" said the Vaporeon. Vanilla, upsettingly started to cry more, causing her rate to drop to 21%. Nurse Leafeon barged in saying in a stern tone, "doctor! That boy was right! Without him she could die! We MUST let him in!" Jonah was lying infront of the doors crying and whimpering. The Jolteon security guard came out "sir, we need you ASAP!' Jonah looked at him in great anger "why did you even kick me out?!" he yelled but scrambled to his feet, running down the hall and into her room. Jerking his head to the left he screamed "I'm here!!" Vanilla heard him and she called out his name as an aroura formed around her and her rate went up to 75% "yes!!" Jonah yelled as happy tears filled his eyes.

               Later that day, with enough rest she broke out of her coma and she had woken up with a 81% of her heart beating. She opened her eyes "mom?..." she called out. Jonah could finally hear her " this Heaven?..." She asked aloud "hey..." Said Jonah. She stared at him happily realizing how her ribbon wasn't on "my ribbon!!" she screamed "It's gone!!" Jonah calmed her "don't worry, I stitched it for you". She smiled as a tear came to her eye, holding her fur where he ribbon was. Jonah helped her put it back on. Soon, it was time to go home. She was feeling she could get up to go home so they did. But they remember to keep a sharp eye out for Lily as well.

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Amber Phillips
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
hi i'm Amber, a young artist. I draw anime. I am very sensitive and can get very VERY defensive if someone is bullying or harassing my friends. This includes ShinySmearglePainterPaws and everyone else on my friends list below. So watch out. you harass them, you better think twice.

My love life is very important to me, which is what most of my art revolves around.

Name: Amber

Birthday: September 5th (i messed up on my dA birthday)

Relationship stats: taken

Age: 14

Likes: friends,comments,role playing,singing,Pokemon (EEVEEE!!!)

Dislikes: haters,art theives, shooter games

The Log-out Stamp by BusirisThe Log-out Stamp by BusirisThe Log-out Stamp by Busiris
My party pokemon on pokemon X

Sylveon by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Pikachu Cursor by mid0456X/Y Vaporeon Cursor by mid0456
X/Y Espeon Cursor by mid0456X/Y Talonflame Cursor by mid0456 And butterfree (no image)

:heart: THE LOVE OF MY LIFE: Jonah83:iconjonah83:


Older sisters: ShinySmeargleStarBlazeRin

Younger sister: StarDaFluffyEevee

Older brothers:

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Best friend: ShinySmeargle

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Boyfriend: Jonah83
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Its nightmare night gStars by ShinySmeargle by: :iconshinysmeargle: (gStars again)

Under the Stars with gStars by CreamPuff-Pikachu by: :iconcreampuff-pikachu: (gStars)

Maddi the chao by ShinySmeargle luna the chao by ShinySmeargle Sapphire the chao by ShinySmeargle all by: :iconshinysmeargle:

:thumb304813985: by: :iconmilkyway--wishes:

eShootingStars by Jirachichu by: :iconjirachichu:

gStars fanart by SketchyCharmander by: :iconsketchycharmander:

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Another moment of romance by Riolu947 by :iconriolu947:

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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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You were born on Tuesday. Charming and graceful. Love to indulge in creative stuff. Joyful attitude towards life. Unpredictable at times. Peace lover. A good motivator. Sympathetic. Trustworthy. Very generous.

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What does your Birth Date say about your love life?
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- gKirby

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Flipnote Animation
Echo - Flipnote by gKirbyfollower
SP eevees FN by gKirbyfollower
Maple Maggie flipnote GIF by gKirbyfollower
I will make you a flipnote with my DSI and it will have a preview file of the flipnote frog as seen above. If you would like your flipnote to have a specific audio or audio at all it costs 25 points. 
Love icon 1 by gKirbyfollower
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icon for shinysmeargle by gKirbyfollower
THIS IS FIFTEEN POINTS. Just a plain icon that is 50X50 made on photoshop or paintool SAI whichever you prefer    
Picture with NO BACKGROUND
My Star Is Still Cold by gKirbyfollower
ready for winter in South Park by gKirbyfollower
new eevee O.C by gKirbyfollower
   THIS IS A FIVE POINT COMMISSION BUT OF COURSE DA WILL NOT LET ME PUT IT AS THE PRICE. This will just be your O.C's as a sketch that is colored and has no background
Picture with background WITH SHADING
Firefly sky by gKirbyfollower
A Goodnight Kiss Upon The Balcony by gKirbyfollower
Okaasan by gKirbyfollower
ITS TWELVE POINTS but deviantart will not allow me to put the price look at 12 points for some reason but it is 12 points. this comission will consist of your O.C's shaded with a shaded background of your choice.    
Picutre with a background NO SHADING
I Can Paint Whatever I Want by gKirbyfollower
homesick (R.I.P Maple Maggie for 1 year) by gKirbyfollower
Egg Movements by gKirbyfollower
fanart for StarDaFluffyEevee by gKirbyfollower
as seen above, i will draw your O.C's with a custom mad background with no shading 


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My name is Kiara! Most people call me Kia, Heart, and Kiara-chan!

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I'm intrested in many animes, and I sometimes draw anime too! I usually draw animals, such as wolves, cats, and foxes.

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